The Riverscreen was invented and manufactured in Kansas, America by Bob Wietharn.

Like many farmers he irrigates from a shallow river that usually can be walked across. The sprinkler nozzles kept clogging with river debris that was sucked through the system. Cottonwood fuzz was the worst offender. A screen over the pump inlet that prevented sticks from entering would then clog up with the cotton fuzz. Conversely, a screen large enough to let the fuzz through also allowed larger debris to enter.

This caused several frustrating hours of cleaning nozzles and filters.  The conclusion, either quit watering through irrigation or design something with a 'self cleaning' purpose.

The answer was Riverscreen!  A rotating water-driven self-cleaning screen that dependably delivers good water from as little as 4 inches depth! Bob made one application and it worked flawlessly. A couple of neighbours heard of it and also wanted to try it.  The Riversceen was born and a successful business was formed.  

Today Riverscreen is available in almost every state in the United States and also in 15 countries around the world, and now also in South Africa.


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