I use access water from my dairy to irrigate my fields. The sewage clogged up my suction line and irrigation nozzles at least twice per irrigating session. This was very frustrating and unclogging it was a big hassle and a mess. I installed a Riverscreen at the end of 2013 and never looked back. After installing a Riverscreen Ive never had a problem with a clogged suction line or irrigation nozzles again.

Arno Schoonwinkel, Kluitjieskraal.


We pump borehole water into holding dams which is lined out with plastic. During the heat of the summer season algae and silt grows is these dams that in turn clogs up our suction line that pumps to the center pivot. The suction line needed to be cleaned twice a day and this caused poor water delivery to the center pivot - this was very frustrating and not very cost efficient. After we installed a Riverscreen in October 2014 all our clogging problems were solved. We did not have to clean the suction line ever since.

Johan de Waal, Piketberg.

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